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New Survey from Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps

October 16, 2013

A new national survey by the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps shows unprecedented levels of support for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The poll found that:

– By significant margins, voters want lawmakers to implement and fix the law, rather than repeal it. By a 20-point margin, 58 percent to 38 percent, voters say lawmakers should implement and fix Obamacare rather than repeal it.

– Strong opposition to the law has dropped a net 10 points since 2010 – to 34 percent today. This is a totally different context than 2010, when Democrats paid the price for the ACA and Republicans took control of the House.

– These shifts are driven by movement among key groups who are the first to see the benefits. The biggest shifts on favorability since 2010 come not from partisans but from independents and key groups, including unmarried women, white non-college voters, and seniors. These are also the groups most likely to report that they are seeing the benefits of the law.

– Just 38 percent now clearly oppose the Affordable Care Act. While likely voters divide evenly on the plan, 8 percent oppose the law because it does not go far enough. As a result, just 38 percent oppose the law because it is big government.

As was widely reported last year, the voting block that delivered a victory for President Obama in 2012 is known as the Rising American Electorate (RAE). This group – unmarried women, persons of color and Americans aged 18-24 – comprise 53% of the eligible voting population, and their numbers and influence continue to grow. Democracy Corps and WVWVAF took an in-depth look to see how these voters perceive the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

“Our new national poll makes clear that when key constituencies – unmarried women, seniors, people of color and others – personally engage in with the Affordable Care Act, their perception of the law improves dramatically. These are the voters are who deliver election victories and Congressional opposition will have consequences,” said Page Gardner, President of the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund.

To view the full survey report and findings, click here.

Record Popularity for the Affordable Care Act


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