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Unmarried Women Overwhelmingly Favor Democrats in Senate Battleground Races, New Poll Finds

October 6, 2014

Unmarried Women Support Democratic Candidates by 22 Points in 12 Battleground States

Washington, DC, October 6, 2014 – Unmarried women favor Democratic candidates by an overwhelming 22 points in Senate battleground states, according to a poll released today by the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps. Republican candidates have a slight edge over Democrats in the 12 battleground states, with all likely 2014 voters. But when unmarried women are polled, the odds flip. Unmarried women favor Democrats in the battlegrounds by 58 to 36, up from 50 to 39 in July.

“The Senate races are tightening, and Senate candidates can’t win without the votes of unmarried women,” said Page Gardner, President of the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund. “In our new poll, unmarried women, African Americans and Latinos all indicate they will vote for Democrats next month, with big gains for Democrat candidates since we last conducted this poll in July.”

The survey of 1,000 likely voters reveals a two-point advantage for Republicans (47-45) in the 12 battleground states–states that were won by Mitt Romney by an average margin of nearly 9 points just two years ago. It also shows that Democratic candidates are poised to retain control of the Senate—largely through the support of unmarried women and people of color. Engaging in a populist, “in your shoes” economic debate with these critical voters dramatically shifts their support towards Senate Democrats.

All likely voters care deeply about creating jobs and improving wages, the poll shows. But unmarried women and members of the Rising American Electorate (unmarried women, people of color and voters ages 18-29) also respond strongly to policies that help women and men and the working middle class. The big story, the poll finds, is that the Democratic campaigns have succeeded in making the candidates’ positions on women’s issues become the second biggest reason voters are planning to vote for Democrats – after the economy.  At the same time, minority voters’ support for the Affordable Care Act has risen dramatically – and for them, the health care law has become the single biggest factor in their vote after jobs.

The poll also “oversampled” in Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina, to allow more in-depth message testing in those states.

Pollster Stan Greenberg conducted the survey in the most competitive Senate races in the nation—AK, AR, CO, GA, IA, KY, LA, MI, MT, NH, NC, WV—on behalf of Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps.

To view the full survey results, please click here (PDF).
To read Stan Greenberg’s memo on the survey, please click here (PDF).


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