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Gina Glantz: When celebrating women traps them in a silo

August 24, 2015

Gina Glantz, founder of, has a new op-ed in the Washington Post about the negative effects of efforts to “celebrate women”:

Let’s face it. Something tagged exclusively for or about women is all too often a revenue generating strategy alongside a way to deflect criticism about the lack of attention to women and an opportunity for the powers-that-be to say, “look what we do for women.” Unfortunately, often, what they “do” is not much. […]

I am 72 years old, and I am tired of waiting. I want my grandsons to grow up to be stars and to see women stars in the same places they appear. It won’t happen unless their mothers, their aunts, their grandmothers say “no” to the assumption that women can be “separate” and “equal.”

Click here to read the whole piece.


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