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New Poll from WVWVAF/DCorps reveals messaging that motivates the Rising American Electorate

December 21, 2015

Today, Page Gardner of Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund and Stan Greenberg with Democracy Corps released a new study that revealed:

  • The Rising American Electorate (RAE)—millennials, unmarried women, African-Americans, and Latinos—are a major voting bloc to watch in 2016
  • Democrats enjoy a 50 – 42 percent lead at the top-of-the-ticket against Trump, due in large part to support from the RAE—unmarried women (71 percent Clinton), millennial voters (69 percent) and people of color (75 percent).
  • The support at the top of the ticket doesn’t trickle down the ballot.
  • Lack of enthusiasm around this election is an issue for Democrats this cycle
  • Championing a middle-class economic agenda combined with a call to action around fundamental political and government reform resonates with members of the RAE, as well as swing voters, and can help drive enthusiasm around the election.

Click here for the executive summary, or click here for the full study.





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