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Statement on House Passage of the American Health Care Act

May 4, 2017
Statement from Page Gardner, founder and president of Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund

The House of Representatives has rushed through a bill that will repeal the Affordable Care Act, raise health care costs, not cover many pre-existing conditions, and deny coverage for millions of American women. They have put politics ahead of the lives of the American people.

The true cost of this bill — which was opposed by the American Medical Association, AARP, the American Public Health Association, the American Cancer Society Action Network, and scores of other medical and health groups — is unknown. House Speaker Ryan and his allies could not wait for the Congressional Budget Office estimate on the damage this bill would do. The expected costs are staggering.

Women and especially single women will be disproportionately affected by the bill, which cuts Medicaid and allow states to seek waivers to deny women basic services such as prenatal care, maternity care, and mammograms.

Members of Congress will be in recess and back in their districts new week where they are sure to get an earful from angry constituents whose lives will be endangered by this bill. Now, this dangerous legislation will move on to the Senate — where we have one last chance to stop it.


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