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New Hampshire Takeover Targets Trump-Kobach Voter Suppression Commission

September 12, 2017

Ads Highlight Sham Commission’s Undemocratic Agenda

Petition Calls on Congress to Defund the Panel

WASHINGTON – In conjunction with the sham Trump-Kobach voter suppression commission convening in Manchester, NH, Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund is today launching a full homepage-takeover of the New Hampshire Union Leader‘s The ads call out the fraudulent Trump-Kobach commission for what it is: a sham, taxpayer dollar-squandering effort to suppress voter turnout and registration, and steal away millions of Americans’ freedom to participate in our democratic process.

The commission’s vice chair, Kris Kobach, has already signaled that the meeting will be fueled by baseless lies, falsely claiming late last week, in the face of evidence to the contrary, that the 2016 New Hampshire Senate election was “stolen through voter fraud.” From the start, it’s clear that Kobach has nothing but the worst intentions of wasting taxpayer dollars on cheap partisan attacks with the sole purpose of preventing fair, free, and secure U.S. elections. Using misleading information and lies, this commission — packed with anti-voter politicians — intends to abuse its authority and justify purging eligible voters off the rolls and promote a new round of state laws designed to keep young voters and people of color from voting.

“The Trump-Kobach sham voter commission is nothing more than a pathetic excuse to steal the right to vote from millions of Americans. Trump is trying to rig our electoral system and we won’t let him get away with it,” said Page Gardner, founder and president of Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund. “The only ‘election integrity’ deficit is inside the Trump Administration, which is wasting taxpayer dollars to propagate lies and advance voter suppression efforts, rather than working to protect voting rights, expand ballot access, and secure our votes and elections from Russian hackers.”

The Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund ads will run on’s homepage until midnight, and direct readers to a petition calling on Congress to defund and shut down Trump’s sham commission.


Kayla Ermanni


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