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GOP Tax Scam Would Devastate The Rising American Electorate

November 30, 2017

Many Single Moms Would Pay Higher Taxes

Senate Republicans are pushing through a tax plan that would disproportionately hurt unmarried women, people of color, and young people – all members of the Rising American Electorate who are the majority of the voting eligible population.

The RAE is targeted by the GOP plan: The RAE is already overrepresented among middle class and lower-income groups, with 51% of unmarried women, 50% of African Americans, and 38% of Latinos with household incomes less than $50,000. Single parents are predominantly unmarried women, and more members of the RAE lacked health care before the Affordable Care Act.

“Donald Trump and Senate Republicans seem to have a bulls-eye on the working middle class, particularly single moms and African American and Latino families with their tax scam,” said Page Gardner, President and Founder of Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Center. “It’s unconscionable that Republicans would turn their backs and rob from the Rising American Electorate to give handouts to themselves and other wealthy people and corporations. Ironically enough, single women are keeping the economy strong by investing in the housing market and making household decisions about how to spend money. Single moms, low-wage workers, and people struggling to support their families don’t deserve to have the field stacked even more against them, but that’s exactly what Trump and his fellow Republicans are doing.”

According to new analysis from Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, the GOP Senate tax plan would harm the Rising American Electorate on several fronts. Repealing the expansion of health care coverage under the ACA, taking away individual tax cuts, weakening tax credits and slashing federal programs would all target the RAE and make life more challenging for them and their families. This tax increase would hurt their ability to contribute substantially to the economy and rob their children of a better future.

Even corporate CEOs are saying the Republican talking points are a farce and that they’d use tax breaks to support shareholders rather than employees. Employees are economic drivers who make the majority of decisions that contribute to a strong and growing economy.

Specific provisions in the GOP Senate bill that would disproportionately hurt the RAE include:

  • Health care coverage: The Affordable Care Act was particularly beneficial to members of the RAE and helped 3.6 million unmarried women, 4.2 million people of color, and 4.9 million young people gain health care. By repealing the individual mandate, Republicans would leave 4 million Americans without health insurance in 2019, and 13 million without insurance in 2027.
  • Tax provisions: The lowest income households would be worse off beginning this year, as the combined effect of tax provisions and reduced government spending would hit low-income Americans the hardest. Individuals making under $75,000 will be paying higher taxes than under current law by 2027, and a majority of taxpayers making less than $150,000 will face tax increases after 2025 when most of the individual tax cuts expire.
  • Tax credits: The Child Tax Credit proposal will benefit wealthier households and exclude many members of the RAE from its benefits, especially single moms and millennials.

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