NEW BATTLEGROUND POLLING: GOP vulnerable on corruption

Action Fund Research — September 27, 2018

With 40 days left until the midterm elections, the latest groundbreaking research from Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund (WVWVAF) and Democracy Corps found voters are disaffecting from the GOP in crucial battleground states. Amongst the Rising American Electorate-unmarried women, people of color, and young people-Democrats are up 5 points in congressional battleground states and up 3 points in Republican-held Cook congressional seats. Most significantly, the surge in voters that view Trump and the GOP as corrupt and self-dealing has created at 10-point growth in the margin for Democrats running in GOP-held Senate seats in Arizona, Nevada, and Tennessee.

To harness the frustrated energy of voters feel towards the GOP, Democrats will need to draw their attention on unmarried women, who comprise 23 percent of registered voters and are highly interested in the midterms. They will also need to ensure that Millennial and Hispanic women, who overwhelming favor Democrats, turnout to the polls.

The third wave of this innovative research focuses on battleground states with highly competitive races including 12 gubernatorial, 10 Senate, and 42 Cook Congressional. The results from the latest phone poll of 1,000 registered voters and on-going web-panel of the same 1,800 RAE voters show that voter’s frustration with the Trump administration and the GOP’s self-dealing can aid Democratic candidates in these 12 states, so long as they can harness voter’s potential.

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