Unmarried women can have an enormous influence on American politics, election outcomes and policy debates—when they register, turn out and act on their values.

March 1, 2017Action Fund Research

Our dial groups and surveys found that Donald Trump’s February 28 address to Congress produced modest improvements in his favorability ratings among key 2018 voter demographics—but millennials in particular weren’t won over by the speech.

November 17, 2016Action Fund Research

The Action Fund and Democracy Corps surveyed 1,300 voters between Nov. 7 and Nov. 9, 2016, including an oversample of 200 Rising American Electorate voters and 200 battleground state voters (AZ, FL, OH, IA, NC, NV, NH, PA, VA, WI).

October 20, 2016Action Fund Research

Our live-dial reactions and focus groups for the third presidential debate found that it was a good night for Hillary Clinton, as she consolidated her support and improved Democrats’ downballot prospects. Donald Trump, on the other hand, didn’t do himself any favors by refusing to accept the results of the election and letting Sec. Clinton bait him into losing his temper.

October 7, 2016Action Fund Research

We’ve seen a major shift in millennial voters’ preferences within the past two weeks. Democratic millennials are consolidating around Hillary Clinton, but Republican millennials still have misgivings about Donald Trump… and many are gravitating to third-party candidate Gary Johnson. Read more from our October 2016 poll of millennial likely voters in 11 key battleground states.

September 27, 2016Action Fund Research

We measured real-time reactions from the Rising American Electorate and persuadable voters to the first 2016 presidential debate. Find out what resonated with them and what they didn’t like.

September 23, 2016Action Fund Research

Our latest poll in four battleground states — Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — shows the Rising American Electorate continuing to bolster Hillary Clinton’s strength in the Electoral College.

June 30, 2016Action Fund Research

Our June 2016 survey of 9 battleground states found that Donald Trump’s candidacy is changing the game for the Rising American Electorate — in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

April 1, 2016Action Fund Research
Executive Summary Memo (PDF) Full Results (PDF)
March 22, 2016Action Fund Research
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December 18, 2015Action Fund Research


Executive Summary (PDF) Full Results (PDF)

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